Monday, October 20, 2014

Running For A Cure!

It's Monday everyone! So let's get on with this epic weekend recap! Friday Josh and I had a cozy date night at home and saw The Shining in the spirit of Halloween being just around the corner. Why must Jack Nicholson be so damn creepy? Those eyebrows.

Saturday morning I started the day out running a really fast couple of miles to prep for my 5k for breast cancer awareness the following day. I was determined to do really well for this race. After I cleaned up, my mom and I set out to go to lunch, pick up my race packet and shopped around a little. I got the cutest hot pink top to wear underneath my T-shirt for the race. Because uh, hot pink for the win right?

For those of you who follow me on Instagram, you saw Apollo judging me all day long for carbing it up and not giving him anything. Just look at those judgmental eyes...

After a carboholic dinner, my dad and I shared the most amazing dessert. I can't even guys. An apple cider donut sundae? Give it to me now. And to make myself feel better I just told myself I would run that much harder the following day and that this little sundae really couldn't have TOO many cals right? Of course I'm right....

Once I got home, I totally banked on getting Leena Dunham's bio for $4.99 on my iPad! SCORE. I love it when iTunes has crazy limited sales on new book releases. #booknerdproblems. Also, I'm fully aware that I have over 2,000 messages in my inbox...fml.

The morning of the race I was so pumped. This Care4 Breast Cancer Awareness 5k race has become one of my favorite races. It's a local race and ALL of the proceeds stay within the county helping spread awareness and for cancer research. Sorry, but races like the huge Susan G. Komen for the Cure race, with assets over millions of dollars...only 20.9% of the funds that are raised go toward breast cancer awareness. Ridiculous. Okay but I'm off my soapbox. I got ready for the race and was pinked up. 

Like I said before, my mom is my biggest supporter. She got up with me to cheer me on. The cause hits very close to home too though, we have quite a few family members who were affected by breast cancer so I was determined! The race started at a nearby high school where all of the sponsors were set up inside (awesome because it was freezing out). 

As it was getting closer to race time, I warmed up and lined up at my pace marker. There was even a drone that provided race coverage overhead! The one thing that annoys the hell out of me before a race is starting my playlist and running app at the same time and ON time. #runnerproblems. I felt solid throughout the whole race, although holy batman it was COLD outside!! And these were my stats folks!! 

Normally, I wouldn't be too ecstatic about this time, but there were ZERO regrets going semi-off pace and track to high-five the little kids on the sidelines dressed in their little Super Man, Captain America and Iron Man costumes. There are just some things a girl just has to do. I crossed that finish line not even knowing if I was sweating or freezing.

I didn't make the top three in my age group which was my goal, but better luck next time! My mom and I headed home to get ready to pick up my grandmother for an amazing lunch/shopping ahead. How awesome is this selfie with my grandmother in our ridiculous cold weather hats? Thanks L.L. Bean for putting up with our shenanigans!

Although it was a cold weekend, it was a pretty awesome one. When are you willing to sacrifice your best time during a race?? Did everyone else have a good weekend?!


  1. Apollo has the cutest face! Love it!!! And that sundae looks amazing!

  2. I love Apollo, cutest cat in life, I swear you need to enter him in some kind of contest. Dang girl that is a great pace, I'm not a runner, but I'm super impressed! Wish I could have seen all those cuties in their superman costumes. I'd be crying for sure. Your grandma is too cute!

  3. Amazing job in that race! I'm so glad you said what you did about orgs like Komen, etc. A charity with a multi-million dollar CEO is not really my cup of tea. The smaller orgs that actually do really useful work with the funds they receive are the ones I love and am happy to support! Okay, off MY soapbox now :) Also, OMG APOLLO! Cutest ever.

  4. So proud of you for doing this race! I always thrilled to see when people do you race for the cure as my mom is a survivor! As well as the war of my aunts! I'm always happy to see people contribute to the cause and raising awareness! Also those judgment eyes are killing me right now! Love it!

  5. That dessert looks amazing, and you are totally being judged by kitty. I think you did amazing and high-fiving the kids beat a top 3 finish any day! Hope you took that hat home, it's cute!

  6. Apollo is SO cute!! Our dogs look at us the same way when we're eating and won't give them any. That dessert sounds ridiculous and amazing! Way to go on your race, that's awesome! And the picture of you and your grandmother, too adorable!

  7. thats a great time! definitely faster than me :) your kitty is so cute. I had no idea about the proceeds not going to the cause for races like that, boo. and that sundae... yum. no calories.

  8. The Shining is so creepy, but such a classic. YUM for the sundae, oh my. You and your grandma are adorable. :):)

  9. Apple Cider Doughnut Sunday?!!?!? Holy Cow!
    That is like fall amazing-ness in a cup.
    You and your grandma are adorable, btw. :)