Monday, January 26, 2015

Things That Make Me Go @#^%!

Wow guys I'm really living up to the name of this blog lately aren't I? But really, this whole week has been a whirlwind of expletives thanks to insurance and medical billing companies. I swear, sometimes I want to ask them if they got certified in medical billing via Groupon for how ridiculous they are. The following conversation occurred approximately two days ago and I'm still salty about it:

Me: I got billed for twice the amount without my insurance benefits being applied....

Billing agent: We have yet to receive the explanation of benefits from your insurance.

Me: just billed me without connecting with my insurance?

Billing agent: Yes ma'am, if we don't have a contract with your insurance, then any discounts may not apply to the services you received.

My head: Wtf does that even mean?

Billing agent: You should conduct a conference call with your insurance and us.

Me: Shouldn't YOU be doing that with my insurance?

She went on to start talking about things that made zero sense to me...and I'm all...

 The conversation went on a little more but I'll spare you. I have a headache and I'm sure you do too now. We were talking in circles for more than 30 minutes and it all came down to me bitching at my temp health insurance so they would send over - yet again- my explanation of benefits.

When I have to do someone else's job for them, I just want to scream all day long. I already have a job. I don't need yours. Thanks. As if that wasn't enough, this past weekend I went grocery shopping. I whipped out my debit card to use it and BOOM it was "not allowed."

It turns out that my card was "compromised" and while they're supposed to send out a new card before closing the current one...they just decided to close my current card without sending anything out. Thanks guys. OH and since it was Sunday, I had zero access to my account. Things that make me go @$%#.

When this happened I really just wanted to give up on life. But first, I needed to go home and freak the fuck out calmly explain to the hubs what I had to go through at the damn grocery store. Just give me my Kiefer yogurt and turkey burgers guys. But as usual, he calms me down in record time and I decided to burn off the rest of my adrenaline with a run despite the brutal wind. For ONCE something went right. I got to try out my new Underarmour Infrared running jacket I got as an early birthday present and I'm LOVING it. Training for my two 10-miler races starting in April will be SO much easier with it. It doesn't even feel like I have a jacket on it's so lightweight.

The battle of dealing with my med bills and insurance company has yet to be resolved, but I'm determined. Bring it on!! I've even gotten the go-ahead from Josh to start my book. He's still supportive despite my many disclaimers of including his fam and mine in it...and my brutal honesty will surely shine through. Shocked...this just might happen this year folks....really...let the brainstorming begin!

but first...

What do you guys do to de-stress when everything that could go wrong just does? Do you scream in a fit of rage? Attack your bank account with some therapy shopping? Curl in the fetal position and sing Katy Perry tunes until it all stops?



  1. oh my gosh - what a headache! hope it gets sorted soon. i agree with the doing other peoples jobs - seriously, how stupid. how did they get the damn job?! meanwhile running or reading a book always helps me to destress... and i have gone to the grocery on a sunday without my debit card and had to call my husband to come up and pay... oops.

  2. Insurance companies and medical bills are nightmare enough with out the added shit you just described above. Sounds like you need something stronger than coffee!!!

  3. I drink wine and take hot epsom salt baths. Only I can't drink right now so taking a lot of hot baths. I also like to get in my car and drive with the music really loud. For some reason that relaxes me!

  4. Arrrghh YES I totally agree it's ridiculous when you have to do their job for them! I HATE when I have to make multiple calls to resolve a problem that's not even my fault! Sorry you are dealing with all of that!

  5. Everyone is writing books and I can't wait to read them all!! Family shenanigans are the best to read about. I swear to G I hate dealing with insurance companies and medical garbage. Oh you know what the worst is...cell phone companies, seriously eff them!

  6. Oh my goodness girl I am so sorry. I hate dealing with companies that get get their shit together. I probably would've screamed & cried a lot.

  7. Duuuude. I would've been pissed about the billing, too!!! That makes ZERO sense that you had to do all the legwork. They SHOULD be connecting with your insurance PERIOD. I worked at a hospital and we had to do this daily... it was a pain in the ass and I"ll never forget it. They probably just felt like being lazy.

  8. I would not have been able to contain myself with billing issues, that gets me in a rage!! Hope the new card comes soon. Working out totally helps me de-stress too!!

  9. What are those people even getting paid for?! I hate people comes out of my mouth on the daily when i have to deal with idiots on the phone. I've had banks do stupid things like that and hopefully you gave them an earful too. Sorry you had some bad calls all at once it seems. I like to read and escape into someone else's reality!

  10. Cry. I usually cry when that kind of stuff happens. That's terrible, insurance companies are the worst. I have to go through the same damn rigmarole every time my insurance changes because I get migraines and the generic drugs have not been helpful for me. I just want my head to stop exploding dammit, give me the drugs that make that happen!