Wednesday, March 11, 2015


I think it's safe to say that we've all been there when you have these fitness goals and you just want to indulge in everything you shouldn't. It happens and hey, I'm human...and sometimes I just want a bottle glass of wine. We can Instagram, blog and tweet all of those post-run photos all we want, but deep down that sleeve of Thin Mints is just calling your name. So let's get started shall we?

+ Carbs. I love them. To completely cut them out of my life would totally through off my center of gravity. And in my defense, it's really dumb to COMPLETELY cut them out of your diet...but really the carbs I'm talking about is a pasta dinner for five people (because really, what's one serving?)

+ The bastard of a scale. Sure I'm fully aware that the scale is completely inaccurate and you should never measure your fitness level and health according to this one little number, but let's face it, when you've worked your ass off (literally) and that number only creeps up or remains the just want to punch a Kardashian.

+ The Competitor. There's always that friend who wants to compete. Oh you ran 9 miles today? I ran 11. Oh you had a lettuce wrap for lunch? I had a kale smoothie with some cucumber water. Are you sure that wrap is going along with your training? What are you doing for your workout tonight? Because whatever it is I'm doubling it. AGH SHUT UP.

+ Magic Junk Food. It just magically appears in the house and I'm tempted to eat it...#husbandproblems. I love him dearly, but last time I checked, Hot Cheetos doesn't really work with a bikini body and if they're there I must have some. Oh and while we're discussing the hubs, he seriously made a Girl Scout cookie sandwich and ate it right next to me after I went for my run. #shitmyhusbanddoes. I didn't know whether to laugh, cry or steal said cookies.

You thought I was joking....

 Also, let's back up a second...I'm purely to blame for said cookies for being in the house. Girl Scouts literally intercepted my run one morning. And who was I to say no? I was on my fifth mile and about to head back....and really I should be rewarded for not tearing open a box on my way home....this is what happens when you deprive yourself.

+ You have to deal with the bros in the gym. Like really. BROS. They call each other that when they fist bump each other in the weights area and subsequently STEAL your weights that are right by your feet. (This happened). OHHHH because I'm female and shouldn't be lifting right?....

Also bro, you look like a douchewaffle with that weights belt on while you're on a treadclimber...just saying.

+ Morning Workouts. I usually workout at night because of my work schedule so when my training calls for a 7-mile run on a Saturday morning, I just kind of laugh a little....and cry. Also, you have to deal with even colder temps....

 But overall it's just worth it. You feel better, you look better and you don't want to punch yourself in the gut for not following through with your fitness goals because you don't have one anymore! WAHOO!! 

What is your #FitPeopleProblem? Do you live next to a Starbucks? Does your husband make Samoa sandwiches like mine does? Spill!


  1. I totally feel your pain on the husband thing with the cookie sandwich. The BF and I went grocery shopping last week to kick off my healthy/clean eating challenge and he proceeds to add a gallon of chocolate milk, a gallon of cookie dough ice cream, 2 lbs of peachy-ohs and a family size bag of sour cream and cheddar ruffles to my cart. Cool dude, real cool.

  2. My current Fit people problem is the fact that I can't stick to my goals. These last few weeks haven't been the best but reading this made me more motivated and determined! Thank you.

  3. I have to walk really far out of the way to avoid the girl scouts. they're so cute + trying so hard + so hard to say "no thank you" to because they make that sad face like you stole their puppy. SPEAKING OF there were some at the mall the other day USING A PUPPY TO SELL COOKIES. that's just cheating. it has to be cheating. also. I'm obsessed with my Saturday morning class.... but it usually means I don't do anything too exciting on Friday nights....

  4. I have to say, morning workouts SUCK, but being done and knowing I have after work to myself is worth it! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  5. A girl scout cookie sandwich?!?!?! I was unaware that was a thing! A glorious thing! I have a serious love for carbs and I am really REALLY trying to cut down. But sometimes a donut happens, you know? I just keep getting up early every morning before work and trying to blast some calories!!

  6. I love this! The carbs, the scale, and the BROS! It is all so true!

  7. The girl scout cookies were paid for by NOT me but I wish they would get gone.
    I do my workouts/outside runs after work and with it getting hotter, than means I'm going to have to adjust and that's the WOOOORRRSSSTTTT. I love my schedule.
    And the scale NOT going down.. RAAGGGEEE

  8. YES to all of this! Ugh the scale! It's like I hate it but I can't stop! And yes to magic junk food! I am LOLing at your husband making a Samoa sandwich, that is epic. I mean, it's annoying to have to deal with temptation like that BUT it's pretty much awesome that he even thought of that!

  9. The cookie sandwich!!! Love it, that is totally something the fat girl in my heart would do!!! I hve a freind who is a little competitive and it drives me nuts. Since I started the whole 30 and have had such great success (she opted not to do it with me) she is always asking "is that on your plan" or " can you really have that"... ugh.. shut up. I am debating right now whether to blog or workout now or just workout tonight... every day I struggle with this!

  10. Seriously that sandwich though!! Those are my favorite but I have not gotten any girl scout cookies this year. I could not have them in the house and not eat them. Torture! The competitive friends totally bug me, I am not a "joiner" to begin with but try and one up me and I am out.

  11. Hhahaha Girl Scout Cookie Sandwich. That's excellent.

  12. SO funny!!! And yes, the bros at the gym is why I rarely go - the worst! I feel like once it gets to this point where I'm juuuust about to give up, I start making some real progress.