Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Girl in Training

So it's officially that time where I need to reign myself in and stop eating cupcakes for breakfast (yes it's happened, don't judge). When I train for a long distance race, I find that it's best to just cut out all of the bad crap cold turkey. Cold pizza for breakfast? Nope. Skipping runs because of bad weather? Nope..deal with it girl. Oh and I pretty much live in running tights and sports bras for the following eight weeks or so. #Runnerlife.

I'm pretty sure I have more sports bras than regular ones. Before my half marathon, I have the Chicago Quarter Marathon (which will be a breeze when I look at my overall training plan) my Soldier Field 10-Miler and THEN my half marathon in September. This is what my half marathon training plan will be like starting this summer. Just look at all of those glorious miles....I'm going with more of an intermediate plan this time to push my limits and finish strong...with the help of Beyonce blaring in my ears. Legs don't fail me now...

 I'm loving this training plan because it has me running more than 13 miles, it definitely makes a difference if your training plan doesn't go the full distance or for longer! My playlist is being compiled as we speak and I'm pumped!! Now if Chicago would just get its shit together and stop it with this ice storm. I need to run, not ice skate. Okay Mother Nature? Thanks.

Until then....

Do you have any songs that just HAS to be on your running or general workout playlist? Anyone who says Kanye will be beaten with a kettlebell. JK JK...maybe...


  1. I'm training for my first marathon in July! I have a half marathon scheduled for the end of March so I'm feeling pretty good. I definitely recommend Uptown Funk with Bruno Mars, it's so fun to run too. I've also been running to Yuna's Rescue Me album. Also there may be some Dirty Dancing on there...just saying I've had the time of my life might be the jam. xo

  2. Woohoo! Get it girl. I need to stop cold turkey, this Winter is making me crave everything. I have been obsessed with Imagine Dragons new album. Love it!

  3. Good luck girl! I really need to get back on some type of training plan, & register for a damn race so I'll stick to it!

  4. "Can't Believe It" by FloRida is a new fave. I just learned about it yesterday. Try it once. :)

  5. I never thought to run more than the race distance before the race. I should probably give this a try if I ever want to actually improve my time. I am training for a half marathon in May, and this winter is not making it very easy. Long runs have been almost impossible when the high is less than 20 degrees. Good luck with your training! I actually posted about tips for training in the cold last week. You should check it out!

    Natalie // Sprinkled with Pearls

  6. As someone who doesn't run, this regiment is terrifying to me. I have tons of respect for people who have the discipline to train for and run races... I just can never get myself in the mindset to stick with it.

    Good luck to you!