Monday, December 24, 2012

A Holly Jolly Christmas

Christmas is practically already here even though it's technically still one day away. Christmas is really a whole week of celebrations and parties....which is just how I like it. Christmas is my favorite holiday ever so one day of celebrating it just doesn't cut it. Saturday night Josh and I had a little mini getaway at a chic spa hotel in the heart of downtown where we had quality "us" time. Since we're still saving up and living at home, moments like these are few and far between....and I enjoyed every single second! Josh booked a room for us and ummm apparently they were aware of our motive of having quality time we were quick to find out that there was only a glass wall separating the shower from the main room! We definitely got a kick out of this honeymoon-type suite. We were on the 22nd floor so we had quite a view from our room!

Once we got settled, we got ready to go to dinner. Josh made reservations for us at the Argent Restaurant. Mind you, Josh is not a raw food/sushi person....yet he knows that I am a sushi-loving fiend so he booked this place. One of the many reasons why I love this man. They had a burger for him on the menu so he was all set. We started off with delicious salads for appetizers followed by our main course. I had the salmon citrus roll and a California roll- holding the avocado of course.

The second I took the first bite...I was in heaven. I also had a glass of this one particular German Riesling that I've never had before. It was absolutely delicious. So lets backtrack. I'm with my one and only...eating top-notch sushi....with Riesling in hand...yep...heaven.

After we stuffed our faces with food, we made our way upstairs to the Vertigo Lounge which is an enclosed rooftop bar on top of the hotel. Josh got us a bottle of Riesling and we chatted over a few glasses of wine until we made our way back to the room.

The following day we decided that room service was ridiculously too pricey so we walked a block down the road to my favorite...STARBUCKS. Now, of course I love Josh so much but he never has Starbucks and when he was ordering a drink...the barista looked at him like he was from another planet when he asked for a MEDIUM chocolate milk or orange juice. Poor kid isn't savvy on all of their odd lingo. He went with a hot chocolate.

Once we had breakfast and relaxed for a little while, we hopped into a taxi to make our way home just in time for the Bears game....and to ultimately see them slaughter the Cardinals. WOOT. Amazing Christmas gift #1. The first of many Christmas parties was later that night with my immediate fam. My mom made a feast with ham, green bean casserole, rolls and mashed potatoes. After that all of us gathered around the tree and handed out all of our gifts to each other.

My favorite part is judging how I did on picking out gifts by seeing each person's reaction as they open them. I just so happened to get my sister's classic "excited" reaction as she opened her first gift from me,  a white sweater dress she's been wanting for quite some time. Win!

Josh also loved his SteelSeries keyboard, Magic cards, Bears touch screen gloves and AE top.

My parents also enjoyed their gifts which is a major win since it's always rough buying for my dad, especially. You can't go wrong with the whole James Bond Blu-Ray collection with special features. As for me, I was one lucky lady last night as well. Josh got  me this gorgeous Rebecca Minkoff crossbody handbag that is what I like to call "rocker chic" with its spiked studs embroidering the bottom of it. It's a beautiful, light pink with a gold chained strap and zipper enclosure. Absolutely IN LOVE.

My parents also got me an abalone shell necklace and matching earrings. They are absolutely beautiful as well. My absolute favorite gift from them though are my Bose SIE2 sport headphones that are specially engineered for exercise/running. They are seriously the most amazing things ever. They feel secure in your ear, yet you barely feel them and the sound quality is unprecedented of course....Bose.

While I went for my first run in weeks since my toe injury AND after getting sick I was finally able to get outside and try these babies out. The only thing that left me disappointed was my damn knee injury that sprung up again since I ran the half marathon. It didn't help that it was below freezing out. Once I get a brace I should be fine but until then...another five-mile morning run will NOT be in my future. I had to hobble home near the end since I just couldn't even jog through the pain. Although, my headphones did not let me down. They stayed in my ears without even budging, sweat resistant and it sounded as though Ellie Goulding and Lana Del Rey were there running alongside me and singing their tunes.

Now something I need to rant about is the Abercrombie & Fitch sizing scale. I am a small/medium in any other brand...yet apparently a medium sherpa-lined sweater from Abercrombie really means an extra seriously looked like something for a toddler. I was so disappointed since my sister really wanted to get this sweater for me and she felt sad that I looked like I was trying on my little cousin's was ridiculous. Abercrombie needs to adjust their sizing ummm normal sizes? We re-ordered another sweater that I absolutely love from there and hopefully sizing up works...I know I have a long torso...but a medium looked like a fucking cropped jacket on me. Get it together, Abercrombie.

My sister also got me a Burberry phone cover that is amazingly cute along with the comfiest set of yoga pants EVER. My bro-in-law generously gave me a Starbucks gift card and a penguin hot/cold beverage cup and an insulated wine holder! Both of them know me so well. ;)

Merry Christmas everyone!!!

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