Saturday, December 1, 2012

Christmas Time Is Here!

My favorite time of year is finally here! I can't believe it's already December, and what's even more insane is that it was 60 degrees out today while my sister and I did some Christmas shopping downtown! It of course won't last long but we made the best of it. I'm definitely ahead of the game this year in regards to my Christmas shopping and I'm quite proud of myself. I just have a couple of people left to buy presents for and I am FINISHED. I took full advantage of Black Friday deals (online) and Cyber Monday and saved so much on presents that I couldn't help but to snag some things for myself to wear for the holidays.

I am going sequin/glitter crazy from head to toe for the holidays. I was in search for a great sequin top and for a decent price. My first stop was at Bloomingdale's and BAM I found a great sequin, sweater with statement batwing sleeves.

The next stop on my glitzy, holiday frenzy were shoes! I found the most amazing glitter, rose gold ballet flats at Ann Taylor for a fraction of the price.

While my mom and I were shopping we agreed that this fur-lined knit vest from my fav boutique would be the second half of my Christmas present. It is SO warm and cozy.

The first half of my present was my EXTREME phone upgrade to the Samsung Galaxy S3. The quality of the camera to the way all of the apps run on it is just absolutely amazing! The screen is huge too and it's so light! (You can tell the comparison between photos. The previous photo is from my phone that's yesterday's news and the photos before that were taken from my new phone.) My phone was the absolute best deal that was cashed in on since the 32GB version of my phone costs an obscene amount at full-price and Best Buy had them for only around $120. I am sooooo very thankful that Best Buy saved the day since T-Mobile lied through their teeth about their Black Friday deals. My phone was not the only thing that came in the mail this week either. My cousin (a master knitter) knitted me some glittens in my wedding colors and I LOVE them. She also threw in a bar of homemade, lavender soap that she personally made.

My one and only got me my birthday present early too while I was out and about shopping with my sister. I found the best sweater dress in hues of purple and grey at one of the clothing boutiques downtown and he got it for me :). I have such a great man!

After receiving so much, I couldn't wait to get home, finish decorating and wrap all of my presents I got for my wonderful friends and family.

There are so many things I love about the Christmas season and one of them include the seasonal Christmas blend at Starbucks. It is SO delicious and I need to stock up on enough to last me even for after the holidays!

Other winter essentials are UGG boots and cozy sweater dresses. The Chicago winter season has finally hit with its frigid temperatures but we have yet to see snow. I'll allow it on Christmas but once it's over can be on its way out asap. My commute to work is long enough without battling a snow storm. Unfortunately, my company isn't one of those who have "winter hours" and give their workers options to work at home although it would be easy for me to do so. *Sigh.

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