Saturday, April 20, 2013

Saying Yes To The Dress

So after watching so many other brides-to-be say yes to the dress on TLC's famed wedding show, I said yes to MY dress!! After trying on several potential dresses from mermaids to foofy cake topper dresses, I knew that I found THE one the moment the consultant helped me hop into the dress. Months earlier I thought I found the one but I was starting to question my decision and wanted to try on more gowns. My sister said that this was a clue that I didn't find the one yet. With this other appointment, I knew that THIS was the one. I didn't want to try on any other dress. This one was mine. Not to mention that there was a cry-fest when the consultant topped it off with a gorgeous veil. It was the one. I thought I would be able to hold it together while I was out showing my mom and sister for the first time but one look at my sister with her tear-filled eyes and it was all over.

The following week I brought my posse along so they could see me in it and so I could finally sign the contract and officially say yes to the dress. I couldn't get my bod into that dress fast enough. It felt like finally being reunited after enduring a long distance relationship. I of course can't divulge any specifics but the dress is just beyond gorgeous and is everything I wanted in a gown. It has the wow factor. The consultant pretty much had to drag me out of that dress when it was time to get out of it and get my measurements. By the time I got out of the dressing room, I was shocked to find that my grandmother stealthily helped pay for my dream dress along with my mom. I couldn't have asked for more....especially since only one accessory to the dress was more than a car payment. I was speechless and I was so happy that the ladies that will be standing beside me as I say my vows were there to witness it all (sans my cousin who couldn't make it.)

After everything was in place and I ordered the dress in my size, we were all ready to head out to celebrate with some yummy food at Mimi's Cafe (thank God because this one right here was fasting prior to the dress appointment). My bff in pink there even surprised me with this gorgeous scrapbook with empty pages to fill with my pre-wedding events such as this one and photos from my future bridal parties. Speaking of which, I also found a beautiful bridal party dress from For those of you who have not had the pleasure of hearing about this amazing website, they host events for designer apparel, accessories, shoes, travel, home goods, etc. for a fraction of the price!

I got this beautiful Alio Ro sparkle crossover knit dress. You have to be quick about it though, some items sell out faster than you can take out your credit card!

It's a constant battle finding dresses that are long enough and don't make me look like I belong on a street corner because of my long legs. I can't wait to rock this dress! I'm also thinking about these other dresses featured on



My inner shopaholic is screaming....with joy. :)

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  1. so so happy you found your perfect wedding dress! that is so awesome and wonderful! wahoo!!!!