Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Better Work Bitch

As someone who was brought up to appreciate and earn everything that I have, sure I can be pretty bitter when people receive handouts...but even more so when I see ungrateful little snots walking around with their iPhones and UGGs like they own the damn place as they bitch about how their mom or dad didn't buy them this or that. Back in my teenage years, I had something called an allowance...something that was earned and was a fixed amount. Oh and I had a job. If I wanted something that was outside of that amount and I didn't save up...tough cookies. Did I hate it? Yes. Did I think that it wasn't fair? Oh hell yes. BUT now, I appreciate what I have that much more. Why? Because I worked hard for it. I feel like a lot of people these days have this crazy expectation that they are owed something when they've put themselves in a certain situation (i.e. having kids way before they were ready or dropping out of school). I really want to understand this mentality...okay maybe I don't...but really...HOW does one think this way? Maybe it's just my Republican roots speaking, but I was brought up in a family that understood the saying, "hard work pays off."

 I feel like my generation and younger ones are being coddled to the core. This is happening right underneath my nose and I can't stand it. There is no shortcut to success...unless you plan to be some kind of trophy wife. I hope for Kim Kardashian's sake that her face and body can sustain a lot of Botox. What else does she have to fall back on? Besides a bed? Okay that's not fair. She always has her failing clothing line at Sears.

 Working hard doesn't just apply to one aspect of your life either, it's also essential to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. People are still working very hard looking for that magic pill to lose 50+ pounds and not have to walk into a gym. If there is such a thing, please let me know...but as of right now, put down that doughnut down and go do a couple laps around the block if you want to lose the tire around your waist. It's not easy and it will suck something awful, but you'll feel even better about yourself once you've earned those rock hard abs. Achieving my fitness goals were the hardest to do, but it's all about your mindset and focusing on what you want the most. Yes, sometimes I do decide that I want that extra glass of wine errr..bottle.. that night but that just means I have to spend some extra time at the gym kicking my ass for succumbing to temptation (and yes, sometimes those pumpkin spice lattes are also worth every extra push-up). I suppose there will always be those people who feed off of others to succeed in life and depend on others to move up or take the easy way out...but that doesn't mean I can't glare at them and rant about it later. I think my cats do the same thing. Awesome, I'm turning into Apollo.

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