Monday, October 28, 2013

The Dress

The time has finally come!! THE dress has arrived and I almost peed my pants a little in excitement. Then it hit's mid-pumpkin spice latte season and while I've always hit the gym a few days a week at least...I was nervous. I knew that when I ordered the dress, I was in peak training mode for the Spartan race, plus I'm about to embark on my own personal shark week and I'm retaining more water than the Titanic. The odds were against me. Should I call for an emergency lipo session? Register for a last minute marathon? HELP!

My appointment was on Sunday afternoon, and while I was nervous, I was still excited knowing that I would officially see MY dress and try it on for the very first time. I couldn't walk in the place fast enough. I NEEDED TO SEE MY DRESS! I was greeted by my consultant and we both jumped up and down in excitement over the dress and hugged. I walked into the dressing area and there it was on its hanger...veil and all. Now I do need to leave some details out so a certain someone doesn't know ANYTHING about the dress...but I hopped into my dress and as she was helping me in it...she was zipping it up...and then suddenly...I felt a little struggle...beads of sweat started to form...and then SHE GOT IT. Finally I could breathe....but wait...while I was holding my breath for so long...I...couldn't exhale it was so damn tight! It's okay...I can breathe through my nose? Anyway, when I walked out and got up on that pedestal...time seemed to stand still. Not to toot my own bridal horn or anything but I was thrilled with how my gorgeous gown looked on me. I couldn't breathe...but it looked gorgeous. Then came the talk of how they might "let it out" a little so I'm more comfortable...BAHAHA if I could draw in enough air to laugh I would have. Not going to happen. You don't alter Enzoani, you alter yourself. My deadline to lose an inch or two is in January....yes...right after the holidays where the average American gains 6-10lbs. The odds are already stacked against me...


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