Saturday, November 9, 2013

Running For A Cure

People who know me personally know that within the past six months, many of my family members have received a cancer diagnosis. It's the worst feeling helpless and knowing that I couldn't personally do anything to help except to provide all of the love and support I could. I found out about the Chicago Perfect 10 race at Navy Pier a few months ago that benefits cancer research so I knew that doing this race would definitely be a way for me to contribute to a greater cause that directly impacts my family as well. It was a must. I've signed up for many races before that benefited various causes, but this one hit very close to home. Thinking of my strong and fearless cousins and my uncle made me push through harder than ever before! It was a crazy early start time, but the sunrise was gorgeous and the weather was perfect for the race. I was ready to bring it.

Although I didn't really train hard for this race, I ran the whole thing with Katy Perry, Gaga and thoughts of my family in my head. I truly was honored to run amongst many cancer survivors as well. I hit that pavement hard and I needed to finish strong! So...I did! My race buddy Laura and I rocked it through to the finish line!

Although it was only a 10k, I ran that race harder than ever before without letting myself walk or jog below a certain pace for ANY of by the time I collected my medal and post-race food to refuel, my hips and glutes were saying "yes, eff you too." Once we got our bags back from gear check, we checked some of the booths out and opted out of the free beer for Starbucks. I also signed up with the Demand Cures Today organization in order to start contributing further for cancer research. I can't wait to do this race again!

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