Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Confessions Of A Crazed Bride-To-Be

I've let everyone know that I am now accepting applications for a personal assistant. Why? Because I need one so I don't have to be admitted. Pretty good reason right? When it comes to my full-time gig, my freelance job (that pretty much qualifies as another full-time job as well) and planning my wedding...the stress is definitely getting to me. Sure, I'm excited about "the big day" but when I have to micromanage a bunch of vendors and my mother all at once, I feel like my kickboxing classes just aren't enough to relieve the stress-ball of a life I lead right now. Thank the lord I don't stress eat otherwise I'd look like Jessica Simpson on her third pregnancy.

The one person who keeps the storm at bay though is Josh of course. He definitely mellows me out. I'm so Type A, control freak about everything so when something goes wrong...he's there to say "hey honey, I love you." Cute and amazing right? This is one of the reasons why I know he is the one. Anyone who can talk me down like he can is a saint...and quiet talented I might add. I gained 5lbs of water weight and I swear that scale was going to be catapulted into a neighboring town. It is instances like these that make me want to succumb to HauteLook and Nordstrom sales. See? I take my problems out on my bank account..not on my body. Totally healthy.

Later on this week I'll hopefully be booking my photographer and blocking out hotel rooms for the big day. Booking the right photographer is one of the most important things to find. I need key moments captured....i.e. me taking a shot moments before I walk down the aisle. All joking aside though, I hope to find the right one that doesn't break the bank. What some of these wedding photographers charge is obscene! I don't care if the "premiere package" comes with a gold-encrusted cherished moments album with the blood of Christ, just give me the damn photos! One of the most painful things about the planning process, is having to deal with so many sales people. It's exhausting listening to the bullshit they try to feed you and I'm trying to watch my figure. Lay off. The second you ask for a package that is cheaper, they seem to dismiss you faster than a 98 Degrees comeback tour. Wish me luck! Until then....

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