Monday, March 17, 2014

Wedding Weekend!

This weekend Josh and I got some major wedding planning done. We booked an awesome photo booth and I let loose in Hobby Lobby! I decided to get a blank scrapbook and got amazing vintage pages to go inside. The photo booth prints two copies, so one will go in the scrapbook and then each guest will leave a message and sign their names next to their photos. I'm kind of obsessing over the book of pages I got for this guest book.

I also got another scrapbook for the photos from my bridal showers and engagement photo session. I love making plain old scrapbooks my own! The hard part is just finishing them!

I got both scrapbooks for a steal of a price! The paper actually ended up costing more. Hobby Lobby just-so-happened to have a sale for 50% off! SCORE. 

Josh and I also picked out our wedding bands  and had our cake tasting! I wanted something really simple, but still sparkley. I'll be adding the top band and then the bottom one on our anniversary. I just wanted to buy it and leave with it on!! I kept on twinkling it under the light while Josh was trying on his ring.

After I surrendered the ring for them to keep in their safe until the big day, we headed off to the cake tasting and to look at cake designs. We sampled the options we chose when we set up the appointment and oh my sweet baby Jesus....all of the samples were AMAZING. The one we finally decided on was a marble cake with mocha buttercream filling. I originally thought it would be too overpowering with the coffee taste, but it was to die for! Even Josh loved it and he's loathes coffee anything. We also thought it would be a nice twist to give our guests instead of going with the average chocolate or vanilla buttercream filling. You better believe we boxed up those leftovers! 

The package we got covered the cost of the cake itself, but of course that didn't include any fancy sugar flowers or if we wanted a fondont cake, not buttercream. The taste of fondont sucks and the buttercream  cakes this place had were still amazing so we went with a buttercream cake with sugar flowers to cascade down each of the four tiers we'll have. With how crazy expensive cakes can get, I'm so beyond thrilled that I could still get the kind of cake that I wanted with some minor changes so my package would cover the cost for the most part. 

Oh and remember that bridal shower dress I agonized over for being too short and therefore didn't get it in Tall Girl Problems? Yeah I definitely said "fuck it, bitches" and went back to buy it. Sorry not sorry! Woot!! Even better, the whole store was 30% off over the weekend! Can we say winning? Josh's mom and I hit some stores to find her dress for the wedding as well and left with an amazing one! And might I add, I have the best future mom-in-law. We have the best time going out and enjoying our wine together.

Also, Apollo insists that he be a part of this post...I wish I could have weeks like he does...just lounging and having a built in pillow of fluff to sleep on all the time. Just know that he'll be at home while you read this...sleeping and enjoying the top 40 on B96. His favorites are Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines" and some "Suit & Tie" courtesy of JT and Jay Z. He might roll over every few some snacks...and then fur up my black work pants when I come home from work. He has it rough.

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  1. The cake tasting must have been the best part of the weekend! Yum! The wedding band looks gorgeous!

  2. Sounds like such an awesome weekend! Your bands are beautiful!!! Those scrapbooks looks amazing too, I love making scrapbooks just wish there was more time in the day that and more energy lol

  3. awesome. those cakes look yummy. Your ring is beautiful. hope you had a great weekend.

    Would love for you to come join us and link up

  4. That cake looks delicious! I am super excited to be a bridesmaid in a wedding because my friend is letting me go to the cake tastings!

  5. Cake tasting sounds like the best time EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Am I shallow to say that cake tasting is the one thing that I am looking forward to with this planning? LOL

    Maria @ Tulle

  7. Cake tasting was the best part of the planning!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle
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  8. Oh wow, those vintage pages are so pretty! Wedding planning is so much fun, especially when your fiancé is willing to do it with you. :-)

  9. THE CAKE!! That was my favorite part of the entire wedding planning process: the cake tasting. I mean, seriously? You're going to give me as many samples of free cake as I want? Okay. I'll be here until, well, forever! The one you picked sounds absolutely delicious. We had lemon--so not the standard boring flavor, but still pretty run of the mill. It was delicious, even if most of it ended up down the front of my dress--and the rest all over the back of my dad's car.